Your benefits with cloudfluid's tailor-made flow solver

Time to Market Reduction

Save valuable time in the development cycle of your product!
With digital prototypes from cloudfluid, you are one step ahead of your competition and place optimized products on the market faster.

Flexible cost model

Forget inflexible licensing models and subscription contracts that don't scale with your needs!
Billing at cloudfluid is by the minute per computing time: transparent and predictable.

Intuitive user interface

Execute simulation studies yourself!
You are not a specialist for flow simulations or high performance computing? No problem: our intuitive user interface is customized to your product and needs.

Far-reaching insights

Get deep insights into the fluid and thermodynamics of your product!
Improve your product understanding and explore important influencing factors. High-resolution simulations with state-of-the-art models make it possible.

Three simple steps to simulation success

Use case analysis

In a kick-off meeting, we will analyze with you how flow simulations can help develop better products.

Modeling and simulation

We implement a multi-physics model that meets your expectations.

Smart client

Based on your individual needs we design a graphical user interface for your use case.

Start now and get a free analysis of your use case. Make an appointment with us and in about 60 minutes you will know how our technology can help you. We're convinced it's worth it for you!

Free analysis of your use case

What Our Customers Say

Freudenberg Technology Innovation SE & Co. KG

Dr.-Ing. Patrick Martini
Head of Digital Modeling

Through the cooperation with cloudfluid, we were able to demonstrate the potential of using innovative technologies for flow simulation at Freudenberg. Depending on the application, the time required for preprocessing as well as for the simulation itself is significantly shorter than with previously used solutions.

HOFFMANN Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH

Michael Behrens
Managing Director

The simulations of cloudfluid show a very high agreement with our observations and experimental investigations. The results confirmed and quantified our previous assumptions.

Mineraloelraffinerie Oberrhein GmbH & Co. KG

Frank Wischniewski
Head of Process-Engineering On-Sites

The company cloudfluid investigated an FCC cyclone on our behalf using flow simulation. The detailed simulation results coincided with our observations and provided a deep insight into the complex flow behavior. Thus, these results are an excellent starting point for further optimizations.

Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Michael Mehlhorn
Head of Research & Development

cloudfluid enables us to simulate the droplet movement in our extinguishing systems very quickly and with a wide range of parameters. This gives us a deep insight into the processes that are difficult to capture experimentally and opens up completely new possibilities to optimize the extinguishing process. The knowledge gained is valuable for project planning and installation as well as for the further development of our products.

Buckau-Wolf GmbH

Rüdiger Mackenthun
Managing Director

The insightful simulations of the fluid dynamics in one of our products by cloudfluid have provided us with valuable insights and enabled geometric optimization. With these new insights, we will be able to further increase the efficiency of our products.

Multi-Physics Simulation

We enable rapid and digital development of your products — fewer experiments, fewer expensive prototypes. Experimentally inaccessible parameters can be precisely captured. In addition, physical effects can be considered in isolation.

Thermal Flows

Detailed temperature and heat distributions: Natural and forced convection, conduction and conjugate heat transfer

Porous Media

Generation of porous microstructures (pebble beds, ceramic sponges, fibers) and resolved simulation at the pore scale

Turbulent Flows

High fidelity large-eddy simulations: explicit and implicit sub-grid scale models, wall modeling for complex boundary layers

Fluid Structur Interaction

Moving objects in the flow: rotation and translational motion of rigid bodies, use of the Immersed Boundary Method

Multi Phase Flows

Accurate description of multiphase or multicomponent systems: Miscible and immiscible; gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, gas-gas flows.

The cloudfluid team

Behind cloudfluid is a highly skilled and experienced team with over 15 years of expertise in computational fluid dynamics and high performance computing — including over 10 years specifically in the Lattice Boltzmann method. The founders:

Dr.-Ing. Max Gaedtke
Managing Director
Dr.-Ing. Marc Haußmann
Managing Director
Markus Mohrhard
Software Development
Malte Reimann
Finance and Sales

Want to know more about us and our company? Who we are and what drives us to rethink flow simulation? Connect with us on LinkedIn!

Not convinced yet? — Frequently asked questions

Innovative Algorithms


Previous simulation attempts took too long or were too inaccurate. What is cloudfluid doing differently?

Traditional discretization methods require a high and very specific expertise and large computational capacities. Instead, we rely on the innovative Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM). In addition to very high computational speed, this method offers excellent precision of results with easily controllable choice of model parameters.

The meshing of the computational domain can be fully automated and is extremely fast. Conventional solutions have required an experienced user and a time-consuming manual procedure for this. This is a thing of the past with cloudfluid.

Automated workflows

We don't have time to familiarize ourselves with yet another digital tool or to integrate it manually into our processes. Is it possible to automate this?

Based on your requirements we develop a customized modeling of your product with robust and fully automated workflows. You only need to enter your process and material parameters; numerical influencing variables and model parameters are determined automatically. The simulation results are automatically prepared in tables, interactive graphics and animations, so that you always have the relevant data in view.

If even deeper insight is desired? We would be happy to create a walk-through virtual reality of the simulation results for you.

Highly efficient hardware

Hardware for solving CFD simulations is extensive and expensive. We do not plan to purchase it on a large scale. Do we need it to use the cloudfluid solution?

No, our solution is specifically optimized for high performance graphics cards (GPU) in the cloud. This makes cloudfluid one of the fastest flow solvers in the world. Get results for even complex flow problems overnight with it!

Whether it's a single simulation or a study with hundreds of variants, start as many simulations as you like in parallel — scalability in the cloud makes it possible. By using the cloud, you neither need to purchase nor maintain your own cluster systems. This reduces your hardware costs to a minimum.

Data protection by design


Our technical drawings contain highly sensitive designs and must never be taken off-site. How does cloudfluid secure our data?

The security of your sensitive data is of particular concern to us, and we have implemented it deep into our structures.

That's why, with our solution, your engineering drawings and CAD files are never uploaded to the cloud. Our client software grids the geometry locally at your site. The computational grid created is sent to the cloud along with the configuration files for the simulation environment. The transfer and storage of this data always follows state-of-the-art cryptographic security concepts.

Still unsure how our technology can help you? We will be happy to analyze this with you during a free initial consultation. Simply make an appointment with us.

Free analysis of your use case