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Eliminate the complexity of meshing and leverage cloud-based GPU computing to validate product performance at the same pace as design.

cloudfluid's seamless nTop integration allows thermal and fluid engineers to perform detailed flow analysis directly within the nTop environment, simplifying the CFD workflow.

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Siemens Energy

Markus Lempke
Computational Designer

The observed acceleration in a first benchmark optimization workflow really caught our attention and confirmed our interest to further explore cloudfluid for thermofluidic simulation. The direct interface through nTop's implicit interop is a must for us as it increases the ease of simulation setup and further accelerates the workflow by eliminating traditional meshing steps.

AKG Group

Dr. Andre Zucht
Project Manager R&D

Using cloudfluid's integration inside nTop we could simulate the pressure drop of a heat exchanger over a range of flow rates. The results for the air side were in very good agreement with experimental data. The integration with nTop saves us a lot of time when meshing and reduces the steps in the process.


Francesco Leonardi

Puntozero's use of cloudfluid CFD integration has been instrumental in advancing our cold plate designs. The ability to detect non-uniform flow and predict pressure drop for our Shark-inspired flow guides allows us to optimize heat exchanger performance in ways that would not have been possible without the power of cloud-based CFD analysis.


Tim Ouradnik
Staff Engineer

cloudfluid unlocks the ability to quickly and accurately simulate complex implicit structures. It allowed us to evaluate the hydraulic performance of TPMS structures with extremely fine features. Combined with nTop and its automation capabilities, this allows us to more rapidly create designs driven by CFD.

Benefit from GPU-native CFD in the cloud

Fast & Accurate Results

The underlying solver technology is based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method and runs natively on the GPU to perform high-resolution simulations of complex fluid dynamics quickly and effectively.

No Meshing Bottleneck

cloudfluid leverages nTop Core, so that implicit geometry can be imported in its native format without having to mesh.

On-Demand Compute

Whether it’s one case or a hundred. Flow simulations are automatically submitted to scalable cloud infrastructure and brought back when they are completed - and the best thing: you only have to pay for the resources you used.

One app with easy setup

No need to learn a complex general purpose CFD tool. The complexities of fluid simulation have been removed with application-specific workflows within nTop.

One tool that scales as you design

The cloudfluid solver is designed to scale seamlessly trough all stages of development. Whether you're working with a coarse mesh for rapid prototyping or a high-fidelity mesh for detailed analysis, our software adapts to your computational needs.

In the ideation phase, our software provides qualitative results to help you explore design concepts. As you move into the prototyping phase, the accuracy becomes roughly quantitative, allowing you to make more informed decisions. Finally, during final design validation, CFD simulation achieves high-fidelity, precise LES resolution to ensure the highest level of accuracy.


2 Million Cells
Qualitative Results
~ 55 s Runtime


20 Million Cells
Rough Quantitative Results
~ 5 min Runtime


100 Million Cells
Precise Quantitative Results
~ 30 min Runtime

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Join us for an in-depth demonstration of cloudfluid's integration with nTop. In this session, we will showcase how the integration enhances design and engineering workflows, providing a seamless and powerful experience for optimizing complex structures.

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